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  Chapter Newsletter 06/24/2019 11:59pm (UTC)

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-     Congratulations to Chris Diven for graduating this          December!
-         Red Cross Blood Drive January 30th on campus
-         Trampoline-A-Thon in Florence
-         Carolina Cup in Camden, SC
-         Formal (location to be determined)
-         Spring Break Retreat to Panama City, FL
-         #1 GOAL: Dominate every other Frat on this campus (oh wait we already do biotch)
-         Canoe trip in the spring?
            Traditionally, every semester we sponsor a Red Cross blood drive. This semester there were 110 donors present, 85 of which were usable units. No other school sponsored event has achieved such phenomenal results. The American Red Cross of South Carolina provides blood to 54 hospitals, including major trauma centers and rural hospitals. Check this, the daily goal for usable units in this state is 500! For you non-math-like-people we pulled off approximately 1/5 of the units required by the state. Because we have had such success with our efforts, the magazine ‘The TEKE’ is publishing us in the upcoming issue. On a final note, we are now known for two things - saving lives and breaking records. 
            This coming spring we are having a Trampoline-A-Thon. It is being held the weekend of March 22ndat the Super Wal-Mart on Irby Street. Our goal is to raise approximately $5,000 for the Ronald Regan Alzheimer’s Foundation.

            After 8 grueling weeks, the Tau Sigma Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon now has 11 new brothers to share the brotherhood and responsibilities that come along with it. On Friday, September 14, we offered around 25 bids to undergraduates, 14 of which were accepted. A little over a week later, we were already down to the 11 pledges that were able to stick through the entire process and we can now refer to as “brothers.” Over the 8 week process, these guys were bombarded with knowledge, tradition, respect, and the feelings that come with extreme stress and pressure. But as Bobby Branton (#96) put it so eloquently, “Pressure either makes shit or diamonds…” I am proud to report that we found the “diamonds” of the original pledge class, which was omega, for those who have not heard. That’s right sports fans, the next pledge class will be alpha-alpha. Who feels old? But I digress. I would like to extend a special thanks to the alumni who made an appearance during pledging and helped us to display just how amazing this thing we all belong to is. We even had a handful of alumni at Military Night. I am glad to hear that we still continue the same traditions and pledging style of the originals. Advice/ideas for future rushing/pledging is welcome and can be discussed on the TKE Forums. Some highlights from the Omega class’s process:
-           Logan personally knowing one of the strippers from       ABC night.
-           Heath “tying himself” to a tree on pledge retreat.
-           The Omega pledge class t-shirts (by far, the best I have             ever seen).
-           Cameron’s drunken attempts at pledging during his        kidnapping.
-           The Omega class’s group swim during Cam’s    kidnapping.
-           Justin’s ingenious decision to strip down to his boxers    and pass out beside the fire at pledge retreat.
-           The Omega pledge class song
Glenn Isom #113

Chris Brian Diven
Upsilon pledge class
Scroll #104
AKA- King Dickhead, Sonic, Mr. Sir
Big Broskie – Frankin Ernest Moore Jr #94
Little Broskie – Patrick Randall Johnson #114
Major – Marketing
Minor – Biology
Hometown – Hartsville, SC
Hobbies – sports, working at sonic for an eternity and then some, ping pong, “FUCK Clemson”
Fraternal Accomplishments – raised $2,200 in the Citibank fundraiser, Prytanis 06’-07’, Crysophylos 05’-06’ and Fall 07’, kick-ass treasurer (King Dickhead)
Speaking on behalf of every brother that has ever met Mr. Diveno… Congrats on the graduation December 15th!! Your impact on this fraternity will be forever remembered.
- a word from the man himself….
            We finally have the fraternity in the right direction… yeap, that’s right bitches!! Numbers are up and we’ve had our first alumni retreat and we’re no longer in the red. Money is still one of our main problems; mainly brothers not paying their dues on time. We plan to enforce dues more harshly in the coming semesters, but we need help from the alumni. Brothers who don’t pay dues place an enormous financial burden on the chapter, because the money still has to be paid. 
            One way we can accomplish this is through alumni support. We would like every alumni to donate $50 (that’s 541 pesos, 34.2 euros, or 5,572.17 yen) per semester to the chapter. If you can’t give that much, every little bit helps. With this money we can enforce dues, plan brotherhood retreats, and be able to set up formals. With this support, I personally feel the fraternity will take off. I am becoming an alumni and will be donating $50 in the Fall. It would be greatly appreciated if you could do the same. Your contributions do not contribute to anything but furthering our future growth on this wonderful FMU campus. (with the exceptional keg party.. of course)
Chris Diven #104
* the blue indicates editors notes
THAT GUY (Tight & Shiny Award)
Finally, we end this masterpiece with a little insight from the infamous Beavis himself.
The “Tight & Shiny” award: 
Presented to:
Justin Coates for diving into bloody muff.
Logan Pope for assisting in the process.
            A special thanks to all alumni that helped make TKETOBERFEST a reality. Everyone had an amazing time and the active chapter is looking forward to next year. Also, a very special thanks goes out to Chooch for developing the website and forums. These two things have been extremely useful in keeping everyone up to date on various chapter and alumni activities. 
If you would like to make a donation to the chapter: Make checks payable to TKE and mail to:
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Campus # 550
5150 E. Palmetto St.
Florence, SC 29501
We hope you enjoyed our humor as much as we did. This newsletter has been prepared by Justin Smith #115 and David Wagoner #111… For any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact YITB
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