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  TKETOBERFEST Directions 06/25/2019 12:14am (UTC)

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The address of the event is:

740 Smith Circle

Dawsonville GA 30534

706-265-2027 house

770-344-8920 cell


Google earth, Magellan, Garmin Mapquest and all other GPS devices have an incorrect location listed. I GUARANTEE you will get lost if you use this.


However, if you would like to use one of these services then let them get you to the intersection of GA 400 and HWY 53 in Dawsonville GA. This location is about 50 miles due north of Atlanta. Here are directions from that point. There is a festival in downtown Dawsonville this same weekend so DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE DIRECTIONS BELOW. Also, this is the last spot you will pass a grocery store so stop here if you need essentials. Please refer to TEKETOBERFEST PREPAREDNESS document prior to this point.


* Continue north on Georgia 400 for about 2 miles.


* Turn LEFT onto HWY 136 and continue forward for about 20 minutes.


* You will pass a Texaco on your left with a waterwheel next to it. Do not turn here.


* Two miles PAST the Texaco HWY 136 turns off sharp left. There is a sign that says "To Jasper". Take this left turn staying on 136.


* You will pass a lake on your right. Immediately after the lake you will turn left onto the first paved road named Eagle Nest Drive. SLOW DOWN HERE! 20MPH MAX! THERE ARE LOTS OF CHILDREN THAT PLAY HERE!


* Then you will turn left onto Smith Circle. The shop is at the top of the hill on the left where you will check in. It has a green roof. Unload at the top of the hill and we will take it from there.


Anyone coming from Tennessee, western North Carolina or Alabama will take a different route. Please contact me if this is the case. Lee Tigner 770-344-8920 or



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