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Financial Obligations of Attendees


Our first annual TEKETOBERFEST is going to be held from October 26th through the 28th. As many of you know, having a large gathering requires some financial commitment and we must all bear this burden together. We are asking for a financial contribution in advance so that the expenses of this event are paid for up front and to assure that no one person is left responsible for a large bill. The funds will be collected by your host and Central Event Organizer Lee Tigner AKA Beavis. All monies collected will be placed in its own checking account that has been set up through Wachovia. Funds will be used for food and catering throughout the weekend, porta-johns that must be provided, all necessary lighting, additional camping resources, transportation of some sort to and from additional parking, and cleanup supplies. Alcohol will not be provided and if you do not wish to camp other arrangements must be made. More information to follow on hotels and rentals.  All monies left over after the event will be donated to the Tau Sigma TKE Chapter.

            It is difficult to organize such a large even but this can be done and we are working hard to do so. We ask for everyone’s cooperation with the financial obligation. If you do not make a financial contribution by the specified time we will consider that you have declined to attend. In such case please do not show up unannounced because we will be unable to accommodate you. Here are the requirements.


All Brothers are asked to make a $35 donation.

These must be in no later than September 7th 2007.

***undergraduates have until September 28th 2007 to make donation***


All pledges are asked to make a $20 donation.

These must be in no later than October 19th 2007.


Mail all donations to:

Teketoberfest 2007

740 Smith Circle

Dawsonville GA 30534

*** make checks payable to Lee Tigner*** (and on the for line please do not put blowjob like Sean Milligan always does)


When you make your donation it would be a good idea to call Dennis Tanner, the Official Headcount Officer and let him know that you are a confirmed attendee. His list of confirmations will be cross referenced with received checks. Dennis can be reached at 843-252-8414 or


Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you here!






The following people are volunteers for our fall event. We all owe them a bit of thanks. Please read this document carefully because you will likely need to contact someone on this list at some point.


Lee Tigner AKA Beavis – Central Event Organizer

Responsibility: Host. Organizing and collecting financial obligations due from ALL participants. Organizing food for Saturday. Issuing funds to Day Before Operations manager for supplies. Cashing out remaining funds to Chapter.

770-344-8920 cell 706-265-2027 home 740 Smith Circle Dawsonville GA 30534


Brian Hunt AKA Blythewood – Forward Communications Organizer

Responsibility: communicating event information to all attendees through all mediums of communication.

803-553-2842 cell


Mike Falato AKA Pickle Smooch and Patrick Johnson AKA Paga – Operations          ManagersResponsibilities: Must make sure that a staff of two are available from Thursday night on to run errands all day Friday. Also responsible for vehicle             parking and car key procurement. Mike cell 803-361-3543 and Pag's cell is 803-463-2788


Stacy Reeves AKA Toilet – Sewage Coordinator

Responsibilities: Must make sure that all you mugs can take a dump in clean Porto-Johns here for 2 days and then make sure they are gone on Monday. Also responsible for procuring payment from Central Event Organizer to pay shitter company.

803-261-6280 cell


J. G. Current President and Spelling Ace– Undergraduate and pledge advisor.

Responsibility: Must communicate all information from Forward Communications Officer to all Undergrads and Pledges. Must Delegate all responsibilities necessary to make this happen. Must learn how to spell because his e-mails on the forum make him look like he has an education from somewhere in South Carolina.



 Dennis Tanner AKA Weenie Washer – Photographer. Responsible for documenting      event in digital format



Sean Milligan AKA Only Sober Guy We Could Find - Public Safety Officer -   Responsible for making sure we are operating in a reasonable safe manner. Also       our medical first responder. Will have first aid available.  Cell is 843-450-7950


Eric Kempson AKA Mr. Fudge Pack - Camping Advisor – assist drunken idiots that need        help setting up camp. Mitigate Black Bear issues with potentially dangerous    issues such as garbage near tents. This IS for real.



Cory Tarr AKA The Cleanup Nazi - Sunday cleanup coordinator. Responsible for being           an asshole until everything is cleaned up. Cell is 336-558-7055


Brian Lowe AKA Wetback - Landscaper. Responsible for making sure the yard is        properly seeded and strawed after event and has also volunteered to come down   and weed eat and mow yard in advance of event. Cell is 423-585-8717   








Extracurricular Activities


The North Georgia Mountains offer a wide variety of activities, lodging, dining. I highly suggest taking advantage of at least one thing while you attend TEKETOBERFEST. Four miles away is the best state park in the southeast with a 729 foot waterfall, there are several golf courses in the area, and there is more shopping than you would ever want to do. If you plan on bringing family here are some suggestions for daytime activities. Or of course you could just sit around and get drunk with the rest of us.



*also see Fort Mountain and Unicoi*


Sightseeing / Outdoor Activities








This is only a small sampling of the many great things there are to see and do here. If you have a particular interest that is not listed above please contact Lee Tigner at 770-344-8920 or Remember that this is peak season here so reservations will be required well in advance. Also please remember that the Saturday night party is a Brothers only event.






            Everyone is invited to camp at the party location which in on Lee Tigner’s (AKA Beavis #14) property. The accommodations will be “rustic”. This location is far out in the country and does not have city water and sewage. Meaning, you can’t shower inside. An outdoor shower will be available along with water hoses and porta-johns. Most of you didn’t bathe for weeks at a time in college so this should not be hard for you. There are two outbuildings to accommodate those that do not have a tent and we can come up with additional tents if needed. However, some of you are complete wusses and require more plush accommodations. Also, some of you would like to bring family, and some of you may want to bring spouses that would like to rent a house together and have a girls retreat all to themselves. The best option here is to rent houses in Big Canoe which is a mountain resort about five miles from the party site. The rates are very affordable and they have several homes available. The best thing to do is rent a larger home and split the cost among many people. Here is some information to look at on line.


Visit and go to rentals to view the following properties.

For example, #795 is a 5 bedroom, sleeps 10 and is $406 per night. Split between 10 this is 80 bucks for the weekend. Not bad.

Also available is #358, #363, #365, #380, #372, and 385.

Reservations can be made by credit card and there is a 50% cancellation fee if cancelled within two weeks prior to the date. Contact Big Canoe Realty if you are interested at 1-877-571-7166. If a group of spouses are interested in putting something together please contact Lee and Emily at home 706-265-2027 or Lee’s cell 770-344-8920.


There are other campsites and cabin rentals if people are interested in something more private. Amicalola Falls State Park is 4 miles away and they have RV sites, and some cabins but the Lodge is full. They can be reaches at 706-265-8888 Lee can help you with other locations if needed.







1. Dennis Tanner                             Check # 608                 $70.00

     2. Ian Luther                                  

3. Ashley Sires                               Check# 2013                $35.00

4. David Charles                            Check # 116                 $70.00

5. Britt Baxley                               Check # 2035               $35.00

6. Bill Signoriello                          Check # 1042               $35.00

7. Brian Hunt                                 Check # 5006               $35.00

8. Matt Freeland                            Check # 1054                $35.00

9. Andy Griggs                              Check #  170                 $35.00

10. Anthony Voci                            Check #  1402             $35.00

11. Sean Milligan                            Check #  1167             $35.00

12. Mike Falato                               Check #  1017             $105.00

       13. Jo Jo

       14. Sevy                 

15. Patrick Johnson                         Check #  2484             $35.00

16. Cory Tarr                                  Check #  1403              $35.00

17. Chris Woodson                         Check #  38641            $100.00

18. Brad Cantrell                             Check #  1793             $35.00

19. Refugio Banuelos                      Cash                            $100.00

       20. Big T

21. Jamey Rhyne                             Check #  2480             $35.00

22. Brandon Stephens                      Check #  1639            $35.00

23. Stacey Reeves                            Paid.

24. Chris Dispaltro                          Check #  1326             $35.00

25.  Jeff Terwilliger                         Check #  1355             $35.00

26.  Aaron Chalifoux                       Money Order              $35.00

27. Brian Lowe                                Check # 1301               $50.00

28. Eric Kempson                            Check # 384                 $35.00

29. Patrick Grimsley                       Check #  804               $50.00

30.  David Deitz                              Check #  2189             $35.00

31. David Nabors                            Check #  4670             $35.00

32. Danny Perry                                Check  # 271               $35.00

33. Michael Coker                          Check #  2030              $35.00

34. Josh Berry                                 Check # 112                 $35.00

35. Derrick Lark                               money order                 $50.00

36. Mike Branton                             Check # 1098               $50.00

37. Donato Zullo                              checks in mail?

38. Michael Manley                          checks in mail?

39. through 54. Undergrads we were told 15 people max. Is check in mail?


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